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Medical Leeches

This leech is not acarid than life in marsh. Usage to treat, make medicine, secretion and raw material. as well very important material for medical and medicine product industry.

This animals are Medicial Miracle

To purchase Medicinal leeches please contact us or fill order form

Our minimal party per shipment is 1 000 leeches.



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Clinical Leeches (Alive)

Leeches for clinical use to hospital pharmacies, hirudotherapy, veterinary surgeries, and to medical professionals & universities for research.

Our productions are maintained in a sterile laboratory condition and always under control.

Leeches are of the highest Clinical Standard. We send the leeches after 3 months starvation and pre-treatments.


Frozen Leeches

For the highest quality, to make sure that there is no bacterial contemination in our leeches,we freeze them in professional freezers and packed in sterilize rooms after pretreatments and microbiological tests.





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